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16 Charts That Explain Every Problem You Have Trying To Find A Job

Because twenty-something malaise can only be expressed graphically.

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1. The brutal cycle of needing a job.

2. The reality of trying to find jobs to apply to.

3. The key reason you're not close to actually getting a job.

4. The issue with the regular 'tips' from friends and family.

5. The fallacy of trying to get internships.

6. The oh-so-slow reality of actually applying.

7. The questionable evolution of your resume.

8. The problems of deciding whether to go to an interview.

9. The problem of what's actually in your resume.

10. The reality of what you're going to have to do before you get paid.

11. What you actually need to go through to get a response.

12. The reality of what you'll do during your internship.

13. The predictable failure of every interview.

14. The eventual realisation of where you're going to live.

15. The problem of where your money is actually coming from.

16. The problem with every job you get offered.