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    26 Signs You Should Actually Live In Rome

    The city of yearning.

    1. You want to be able to walk past the Colosseum every day.

    2. And the other ruins scattered all over the city.

    3. You like your coffee very, very small and very, very strong.


    Anything else is an abomination.

    4. You want to be able to go to concerts in Stadio Olimpico.

    5. You have some serious Calcio Balilla skills.

    6. You desperately want to eat true Italian pizza.

    7. And true Italian pasta.

    8. And gelato.

    9. But mainly the pizza.

    10. You really want to hang out on the Spanish Steps, like Romantic poets.

    11. Shopping in markets really appeals to you.

    12. You can communicate effectively using only hand gestures.

    13. You know that football is the best sport.

    14. And that Andrea Pirlo is God.

    15. You like a drink with a view.

    16. You desperately want to live somewhere with an amazing beach around the corner.

    17. You really appreciate the importance of wine.

    18. You like the idea of finding a tiny restaurant in an alley.

    19. The idea of tiny alleys is just appealing regardless.

    20. Strolling alongside the river at night really appeals to you.

    21. Or just doing anything late at night.

    22. You think that a scooter is the absolute best way to travel.

    23. You want to live somewhere where views like this are normal.

    24. And architecture like this.

    25. Tiny, eclectic shops are your favourite shops.

    26. But most of all, you really want the sunshine.

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