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23 Photos That Will Annoy Anyone Who's Ever Worked In A Bar

Why do so many people tear up those cardboard coasters?

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1. This terrible moment.

2. These shoes that inevitably get worn out far too quickly.

3. These things getting left everywhere.

4. This thing that will have to be sorted out.

5. And this mess as well.

6. And of course, this stupid bottle that broke while it was still half full.

7. This fucking bullshit.

8. Seriously.

9. Or people doing things like this.

10. OR THIS.

11. These joyous glasses to be washed.

12. These drinks that have clearly caused some serious problems the next day.

13. This inevitable wastage of lemons and limes.

14. This pointlessly precise tip.

15. Which is still better than this.

16. And definitely better than this complete lack of understanding.

17. And this ridiculousness.

18. The fact that this sign is needed.

19. This murdered cork.

20. These ludicrous beer pumps.

21. This 21st-century bar problem.

22. This ridiculous collection of change which is a totally unreasonable way to settle a tab.

23. And cash being handed to you like this.