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    19 Things People Who Can't Be Bothered With Fashion Will Know

    People who just want to wear the first thing they see, unite!

    1. The idea of clothes being "on trend" is of no interest to you.

    2. You're convinced that anything "high fashion" has to be an elaborate practical joke.

    3. The concept of entire magazines about clothes confuses you intensely.

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    4. You'll defend sweatpants as the ultimate item of clothing.

    5. And don't really understand why people wear anything else ever.


    6. You know you'll get strange looks if you wear your actual favourite clothes out of the house.

    Doesn't stop you doing it though.

    7. Clothes seem like an odd thing to spend money on, when there's so much better stuff.

    Like food, or a nice holiday. Or alcohol, of course.

    8. You really don't get the reasoning behind getting new clothes every year.

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    The old ones have barely fallen apart yet.

    9. Or why fashion seems to change seasonally.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Your winter wardrobe should be the same clothes, surely? Just more of them.

    10. You're always slightly worried that people around you have figured out exactly how small your wardrobe is.

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    "No, I haven't worn this in, like, three days. So, that's OK, right?"

    11. When you actually do go clothes shopping, it's impossible, because you can't even tell what you're looking at.


    This is good. Is this good? This isn't good. *gives up*

    12. When you have an item of clothing that seems to be widely acceptable, you're always tempted to buy seven identical versions.

    FOX / Via

    Even though it will make you feel like a Simpsons character.

    13. So you only actually go shopping when you absolutely need it.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    Like, when everything is actually falling apart. And you'll still try to avoid it.

    14. Being required to dress up is a nightmare.

    FOX / Via

    15. Dress codes never seem to be very clear.

    HBO /

    "Small business casual". WHAT IS THAT?

    16. You feel so much relief when it's very obvious what you have to wear, and therefore you don't have to make a decision.

    NBC / Via

    Until you realise that, y'know, they're still clothes that aren't comfortable.

    17. Work clothes are actually pretty useful, because there is a very clear set of rules.

    18. Even though you don't understand why that's the case.

    NBC / Via

    So this tie means you now respect my opinions? OK, cool, sure.

    19. Because you just want to wear whatever you want.

    NBC / Via

    Even if that mainly involves scruffy clothes and a sofa.

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