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Everyone Is Eating Cereal Wrong And It's Incredibly Upsetting

You probably can't make it through this post without being very disturbed.

We all know cereal. Cereal is lovely, a wonderfully varied but beautifully simple food to eat.

More importantly, we all know how to eat cereal. Cold milk on the cereal, in a bowl, with a spoon.

This seems simple enough, right?

Now, some people put ice cubes on their cereal. It seems pretty goddamn weird, to be honest.

The only way I'll eat cereal. #Ice

This doesn't look like it would be delicious. It'd just be incredibly watery, surely?

How does someone take cereal with ice? My brother is just something else

But, on the other hand, it would keep the milk very cold, and cold milk is the best. So even if it's weird, it's at least understandable.

Now that people talked about it & I tried it im addicted lol I love ice in my cereal 😍

Except that some people like putting HOT MILK on their cereal.

Hot Milk & Marshmallow cereal #YUM ; Thiss going down rn :'D


Hot milk on cereal does not seem OK.

I'm I the only one who prefers pouring hot milk on their cereal 😛

But it's definitely better than water on cereal.

@itsdavielol what's wrong with water and cereal

Even if you can't get any milk, it should not be replaced with water.

Me and @huff_delaney eat cereal with water. #thuglife #MalichiFine #CerealWithWater #FavSong 😂😂😍😍

It just looks so, so wrong.

Hannah actually ate her cereal with water😩😩😂😂

And you really, really, really should not use coconut water. Just, what.

Why needs milk in your #Cereal if you got a 1L bottle from @VitaCoco Vita Coco Coconut Water . A healthy breakfast …

And you definitely shouldn't use orange juice. Oh yes, orange juice on cereal is a thing people do.

When you have no milk so you have to use orange juice for your cereal😁😋

It's not just a thing people do by accident when they're tired. People want to do this.

Miau uses orange juice instead of milk in her cereal #soweird

People enjoy this.

Cereal with orange juice at #NEACAC2014 ? Why not?!

Apparently it's good.

Does anyone else use orange juice instead of milk for their cereal?😂 so good though I swear😂

People are even struggling to eat it out of something logical. Here's cereal in a plastic bag.

Currently eating cereal out of a plastic bag, because I can't find spoons in Austria. #someregrets

Or you can just it eat off a fucking plate.

And I had a plate of cereal for breakfast today so

But WHY would you eat it off a plate?

Or with chopsticks, off a plate. It's Cereal: Extreme Edition.

Breakfast is cereal on a plate with chop sticks

People put so much sugar on cereal, as well.

I used to eat my cereal like this until I found out about the honey Cheerios

Sugar on cereal makes sense, sure, but this much must just make it taste so damn sweet.

I don't think there's enough sugar on my cereal... #SweetTooth

But we're not even close to the really weird stuff yet. Beer-eal? Yep, beer on cereal. Hell of a way to wake up in the morning.

Oh yes, beer and cereal? Lovely.


Out of beer? No problem, throw some vodka in there.

"@drunk: When you're on a budget and gotta choose between buying milk or vodka " @_Tenacious_B Beereal on a new level?

Or rum? Yeah, bit of rum in there.

You ever had alcohol and cereal? @AaronAndrewz has

What else? Well, there's the whole cereal sandwich thing.

Ah, 18, I'm coming into you with the celebratory meal of champions: an almond butter and cereal sandwich.

Yes, that's a thing.

Peanut butter, jelly, and cereal sandwich 😋

Oh why are there even rules? Here's some cereal in tomato soup.

Goldfish cereal in tomato soup. #fatkidmove

Would you like to know what's in that cereal? Would you? Would you really? Because it's mayonnaise.

Yep, mayonnaise.

Well, fuck it, why not eat out of a shoe?

I am eatung cereal out of shoe @GodsThirdEye

But yeah, this is it. This is where it gets dark. Cheese on cereal.

Get some cereal, throw some cheese on it.

am I the only one who can't eat cereal without a slice of cheese on it? 😩😩

Cheese and milk and cereal. Cheesy milky cereal.

So we just gonna act like you didn't add cheese huh RT"@KinggBMO: Late night cereal session, gotta get my grains in😈"

These are very grave times for the human race.

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis." —Dante Alighieri

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