31 Of The Funniest Tumblr Posts About Harry Potter

    Harry Potter and the people who can't stop making jokes about him.

    1. This realisation.

    2. This alternate history.

    3. This thing that would probably happen with American wizards.

    4. This discovery.

    5. This reason not to be sneaky.

    6. This really deep question. To an owl.

    7. This theory.

    8. This response.

    9. This motivation.

    10. This struggle to understand education.

    11. This thought.

    12. This explanation of every exam.

    13. This moment.

    14. This summary.

    15. The annoyance that was Hermione.

    16. This pitch.

    17. This conversation.

    18. This revision of the whole thing.

    19. This actual oddness.

    20. This observation.

    21. And this one.

    22. This brutal joke.

    23. This event that almost certainly was a thing.

    24. This obvious weirdness.

    25. This issue.

    26. This idea.

    27. And this one.

    28. This international reality.

    29. This logic.

    30. This explanation.

    31. This solution to what was probably a very real problem.