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    27 Photos That Will Make All Professional Chefs Furious

    Ban whoever it was that invented cling wrap.

    1. This attempt at brining.

    2. This tip.

    3. These bowls that are never stacked properly.

    4. The existence of this.

    5. The person who does this.

    6. When someone leaves this.

    7. Or this.

    8. This cutting board being used in the WORST way.

    9. The person who managed to both not cut the lemons and somehow replace peppercorns with sesame seeds.

    10. This disaster.

    11. And this one.

    12. Oh and another one. Sorry.

    13. This actual response to being asked to put an open can in a container.

    14. Whoever the people doing this are.

    15. This attempt to cool pasta.

    16. The people who ordered this.

    17. Or this, which can only be painful to do.

    18. This fuckery.

    19. Yeeeeep.

    20. Every single time.

    21. That moment when someone thinks they're helping...and they are not.

    22. This recipe for an accident.

    23. Someone putting meat away like this.

    24. When people can't even get close to being able to write the word they mean.

    25. This complaint – though the response really does make up for it.

    26. This steak that maybe could have been packaged better. Y'know, without the knife.

    27. This actual nightmare.

    From the overworked cooks of r/KitchenConfidential/.