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    24 Pictures That Football Fans Will Find Funny Every Single Time

    Obviously, this post includes Balotelli.

    1. The greatest team photo of all time.

    Twitter: @teamthirtythree

    Yes, the bench broke.

    2. This shirt at a Liverpool game.

    3. This completely fair pizza offer.

    4. And this explanation.

    5. This perfect tweet.

    6. This peak Balotelli moment.

    7. Except for this obviously.

    Tony Gentile / Reuters

    8. Clayton Blackmore's completely perfect wikipedia page picture.

    9. This issue with a shirt - and this response.

    10. And this elegant work-around for a shirt.

    11. Then this abomination that was actually allowed out in the world.

    12. The sheer generosity of Lukaku.

    13. This celebration that really should be used more.

    14. This attempt by a Norwegian club in the 8th division to buy David Beckham for the cost of a sports bag and some buttons.

    Didn't go through, it appears.

    15. John Terry falling over. Twice.

    16. England's physio getting injured celebrating.

    17. Ashley Cole bonding with his new teammates.

    18. This perfectly understandable precaution by the goalkeeper.

    19. Andy Carroll at Glastonbury, and definitely not being under the influence of anything.

    20. Diego Costa's face right here.

    21. The BBC having to clarify that yes, Germany did score seven goals.

    22. Vidal getting fouled by the ground, and objecting. Hard.

    23. Brendan Rogers careful choice of phrase.

    24. Zlatan.

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