Reddit’s Top 20 Most Popular Pics Of 2011

Check out the 20 most popular pics of 2011, as determined by votes from Reddit’s community.

2. I’m the only Caucasian in my part of town. I found this note on my windshield today…

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5. My grandmother called the city of Miami to report a drainage problem in front of her house. The city worker told her “Put it on the Internet otherwise nobody will do anything”. She’s 90.

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9. Christians protecting Muslims while they pray during protests in Egypt.

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10. White House photo of Obama and his national security team following events in the Bin Laden operation

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11. Campus Police pepper spraying peaceful student protesters at UC Davis.

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15. I don’t know what to do…. my browser history just revealed that my wife is a cheating a** bitch.

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17. r/Kuwait meetup .. we got EVERY redditor in Kuwait to join for this picture, we win internets.

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19. Remember the little trees you would get with a McDonalds happy meal 20 years ago? Here’s mine this morning…..

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20. I rode the bus from kindergarten to my senior year. Today, my bus driver shown up at my door with this.

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