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If You're Turning 30 This Year, Here Are 19 Ways To Celebrate It Properly

This is your year!!!

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1. Go on your dream vacation.

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It's literally the best time to do it — you're way more financially stable than you were in your twenties, but you'll still have the energy to globetrot to your heart's content.

2. Sign up for a class!

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Painting, sculpture, kickboxing, judo — it could be anything! It's most definitely never too late to go all George W. Bush and discover a new talent.

3. Start saving up — even if it's just a little bit.

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I know, I know. It sounds like advice you'd hear from your aunt, but having savings is so important. Start with something simple, like $50 per paycheck, and scale it up from there. You'll never regret having a safety net around.


7. Get out in nature more.

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This could be through real, grown-up hikes planned out in advance, or it could be as simple as throwing a nice 15-minute walk into your daily lunch routine. Trust us: you'll feel the difference.

8. Make actual plans in advance with your friends.


Instead of defaulting to the "We should hang out sometime" line, try setting up real plans to build on your friendships by saying stuff like, "Let's meet up next week on X day at X time." Friendships are like plants; if you don't take care of them, they'll wither. :(


9. Learn to cook your favorite dish at home.

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It's a wide, wonderful world of online recipes and YouTube tutorials and (cough) Tasty videos out there...make it a mission to flawlessly nail your favorite dish this year.

10. And speaking of food, start really paying attention to your eating habits.

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You don't need to go from zero to kale in one year, but maybe let's not have cup noodles for breakfast anymore, yeah?


13. Find an exercise routine that you actually like.

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Hate to break it to you, but now that you're officially 30, keeping up the physical activity is more important than ever. Again, it's not so much about hitting the Crossfit gym and swolling up — it's just about staying healthy.

14. Perfect your new ~grown up~ sense of style.

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On the downside, you probably can't keep dressing the same way you did as a teenager. But on the upside, you know now how to dress for your body and invest in quality pieces!

15. If you're single, try going on dates with people who aren't necessarily your "type."

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This is the age when so many people hit their strides in different ways — so keep an open mind, and just see where things go!


What are your 2018 goals?? Comment with yours below.

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