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Can You Guess Who Directed These 12 Iconic Films?

So you call yourself a cinephile, eh?

  1. 1. Who directed Taxi Driver?

    Columbia Pictures
  2. 2. What about The Shining?

    Warner Pictures
  3. 3. And Kill Bill?

  4. 4. Who was the director of The Beach?

    20th Century Fox
  5. 5. How about The Fly?

    20th Century Fox
  6. 6. Who's the director behind American Psycho?

    Lionsgate Films
  7. 7. How about Birdman?

    Fox Searchlight Pictures
  8. 8. Who directed The Seventh Seal?

    AB Svensk Filmindustri
  9. 9. And The Virgin Suicides?

    Paramount Pictures
  10. 10. How about Citizen Kane?

    Warner Bros.
  11. 11. Who directed Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

    Universal Pictures
  12. 12. And finally, who directed Point Break?

    Largo Entertainment

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This post was translated from Spanish.