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    "Chernobyl" Is The Best TV Show Of The Year, And Here Are 16 Reasons Why

    If you're still mad at HBO about "Game of Thrones," this might make you forgive and forget.

    The HBO miniseries Chernobyl just aired its fifth and final episode last week — and it's already become the highest-rated show ever on IMDb. Here's 16 more reasons why you should add it to your TV rotation, stat:

    Did we mention it's only five episodes?

    1. The miniseries is, of course, based on real events from history.

    2. And the showrunners undertook exhaustive research to make sure they got the details right.

    3. Chernobyl is basically an unconventional horror show...

    4. But it's also just a very gripping drama.

    5. The way the show builds suspense is nothing short of masterful.

    6. Visually, it's a stunning work of art.

    7. There's no one main character. Instead, the show follows the events of the accident through multiple characters' points of view.

    8. And just about every character gets to have a pivotal moment that's all their own.

    9. And you can't really pick a favorite, either.

    10. And even though this series is based on something that happened in 1986, it feels very relevant in 2019.

    11. There's also an implicit critique in the way women are dismissed or not believed in the show.

    12. Each detail of the production is outstanding.

    13. Surprisingly, it's very educational.

    14. And, of course, the actors' performances are just wonderful.

    15. Critics are also big fans of the show.

    16. Finally, it's a very short series — perfect for getting through on a few weeknights or one solid weekend.

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