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    17 Things That Only People Who Hate Being Touchy-Feely Will Understand

    Don't let the huggers grind you down.

    1. If you're the kind of person who just don't like showing a lot of physical affection, you know that greeting strangers in public is honestly **so** stressful.

    2. You really dislike people who actively identify as "huggers."

    3. And if someone tries to greet you with a kiss? Forget about it!

    4. You prefer to avoid physical contact in general, especially around people you don't know well.

    5. And when you **have** to get touchy-feely with someone, you do it reluctantly.

    6. Nothing ticks you off more than a couple engaging in heavy PDA near you.

    7. And you'll only date people who understand and respect your need for space.

    8. Cheering people up does not tend to come naturally to you...

    9. And whenever someone starts crying, you get instantly uncomfortable.

    10. When people compliment you or show you affection, you just straight up don't know what to do with that kind of attention.

    11. Most likely, you enjoy your alone time and generally don't like to be surrounded by people.

    12. And we're also guessing you're an extremely straightforward person who tends to tell it like it is.

    13. You have a very low tolerance for super corny TV shows or movies.

    14. Sometimes, people accuse you of just not having any feelings...

    15. But there are a few people who really do get you, and they don't force the issue.

    16. As a result, when you **do** get affectionate, they know it's a big deal...

    17. Because when a hug is coming from you, it means it's extra special.

    This post was translated from Spanish.