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    22 Images That Will Give You Serious Trust Issues

    We live in a world full of WTFs.

    1. If you think you know how the world works...

    Aameba / Via


    MrBoogn / Via

    3. Because everything is relative.

    Derp-Boy / Via

    4. A question of perspective.

    jlick412 / Via

    5. And perception.

    donaldcrunk / Via

    6. Sometimes it depends on the lens that you look through.

    Smilodon-Fatalis / Via

    7. And sometimes it doesn't matter how long you look.

    12-juin-3049 / Via


    CosmicKeys / Via

    9. Because we live in a world of WTFs.

    Dombro1 / Via

    10. WTF

    oniwastaken / Via


    Jobvious / Via

    12. HEEEEELP!

    LordofNarwhals / Via

    13. Where were we?

    eufouric / Via

    14. Oh yes, we were in the midst of discovering that EVERYTHING IS A LIE.

    SwiiftKH / Via

    15. Try as you might to understand the world...

    Dzjill / Via

    16. It's nothing but a fool's effort.

    CosmicKeys / Via

    17. There's always something just waiting to throw you off.

    rKO13 / Via

    18. O_o

    starstar420 / Via

    19. So go forth and live your life.

    Aameba / Via

    20. But do so carefully.

    CosmicKeys / Via

    21. Because you never know what's waiting just beyond the bend.

    CatalystEXE / Via

    22. NEVER!

    Totherphoenix / Via

    This post was translated from Spanish.

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