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17 Thoughts That Everyone Who Watches The "Bohemian Rhapsody" Movie Will Have

*Leaves movie theater* *Immediately queues up Queen on Spotify for the rest of the week*

Warning: Light spoilers ahead!

1. So first, you head into the theater thinking you'd just be watching a pretty dece movie about Queen...

2. But you never imagined it'd be such an emotional roller coaster.

3. Right from the get go, you fall deeply in love with Rami Malek's portrayal of Freddie Mercury.

4. And the resemblance is so uncanny that at some points, you are 1000% convinced that this is what the real Freddie Mercury looked like.

5. The whole story about his teeth totally blows your mind...

6. And the relationship between Mary and Freddie makes you get a little sappy thinking about your own BFF.

7. But the real relationship in the movie that steals your heart is the band's connection to each other.

8. You suddenly feel an inexplicable urge to cram your friends in the nearest phone booth and recreate the "Bohemian Rhapsody" recording scene.

9. And you secretly wish you could just, like, dive into the movie and hang out with them.

10. And you begin to develop a deep appreciation for how hard it was/is for an artist to be truly ~ different~.

11. You decide you hate this guy with every inch of your life:

12. And if you never got to see Queen perform live, scenes like this one make you feel regret like you never felt it before.

13. You get really emotional and start identifying with Freddie Mercury's sense of isolation...

14. But, hands down, the reenactment of the Live Aid concert gives you actual goosebumps.

15. And by the time the concert ends, you are ugly-crying so hard.

16. And after you leave the theater, you immediately go home and watch a billion YouTube videos of Queen performing.

17. And you arrive (once again) at the conclusion that, yep, Queen is definitely the best band ever.

Long Live Queen!

This post was translated from Spanish.