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13 Reasons To Get Excited About "Rogue One"

If you're someone who thinks it's not all it's cracked up to be, you need to read this post.

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2. It's the missing link between episodes III and IV.


Star Wars: A New Hope, the fourth episode in the series, begins with Darth Vader interrogating Princess Leia about some missing plans.

3. Rogue One tells the story of a band of rebels who manage to steal the plans for the Death Star, the iconic space station that's capable of destroying entire planets.


Remember the big speech before Luke and the Rebellion attack the Death Star at the end of A New Hope?

5. And the movie promises to answer many of the questions we've had about the Star Wars universe for years.


Who built the Death Star? How come everyone forgot about the Jedi? How did the Rebels know how to destroy the space station?

6. It also connects the Star Wars films with the expanded universe.


Saw Gerrera, Forest Whitaker's character, is a clone wars veteran who appeared in the series Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has been mentioned in other works in the expanded universe.

7. It's also not the first time the director, Gareth Edwards, has worked on a film with such a huge scope.

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Gareth Edwards rose to fame in 2010 with the cult hit Monsters and also directed the 2014 remake of Godzilla.


8. The new characters show a ton of promise.


They include an Imperial android reconfigured by the Rebels, an expert pilot who belonged to the Empire, and even a mysterious warrior who cannot use the Force but believes in it.

10. The villain is totally menacing.


Orson Krennic is an Imperial Military director who has one passion and mission in life: building the Death Star and making it operational. He may not be a Sith, but he does have that tyrannical nature you would expect of the Empire.

13. And Jyn Erso, the protagonist played by Felicity Jones, continues the tradition of ass-kicking women in the Star Wars universe.


Erso is a rebel (in every sense of the word) who gets involved in the rebel mission because her father is deeply involved in the construction of the Death Star.

Now you can die of excitement watching the latest trailer:

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