13 Characters From 20th Century Fox Who Are Now Disney Princesses

    It's like **Jasmine voice** a whole new world.

    As you've probably heard, Disney announced last week that it was buying key parts of 20th Century Fox, including the company's film and television production division.

    The Walt Disney Company To Acquire 21st Century Fox, Inc: https://t.co/vQHNREhbfd

    Which means that Disney is now the owner of the rights to tons of our favorite TV series and movie franchises, like the Marvel Universe...

    Which also means that Disney now has a whole new range of characters at their disposal...


    1. Like Neytiri, the Na'vi princess of the Omaticaya clan in Avatar.

    2. And Lucy and Susan from The Chronicles of Narnia, because they were technically queens!

    3. Cordelia Foxx from American Horror Story is the reigning Supreme of a coven of witches, so that's definitely some type of royalty.

    4. There's also Princess Poppy, from Trolls...

    5. And all of the Xenomorphs from Alien, since they hatched from eggs laid by the Queen...

    6. And let's not forget Aquamarine, who's here to round out the mermaid contingent.

    7. Rita Repulsa from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has conquered thousands of planets, so surely she's a princess on one of them.

    8. We also hereby nominate the entire cast of Scream Queens...

    9. As well as The Princess Bride, obviously.

    10. Plus, Anastasia!!! Though tbh we always forgot that she wasn't actually an ~official~ Disney princess before.

    11. And Dana Scully, the queen skeptic of The X-Files.

    12. And we can't forget Buffy, who totally qualifies as 90s pop culture royalty.

    13. And finally, Lisa Simpson, obviously.

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