21 Misery-Inducing Mom Fails

    These little mommy mishaps aren't the end of the world. IT JUST FEELS LIKE THAT.

    1. Letting your toddler take a four-hour nap.

    2. Buying into the whole "washable marker" thing.

    3. Overloading the back of the stroller.

    4. Changing a "no" to a "yes."

    5. Allowing your kid to hold your smartphone.

    ...Or a pen.

    ...Or anything that was handy.

    6. Lingering a tad long at preschool drop-off.

    7. Arriving a tad late to preschool pick-up.

    8. Choosing a route home that passes a playground.

    9. Agreeing to go to the playground for "fifteen minutes."

    10. Deciding on a DIY haircut.

    11. Yelling at your kid in public.

    12. Giving your kid junk food.

    13. Losing your temper at the sandbox.

    14. Being the only mom at the playground who forgot to bring sunblock.

    ...Or a snack.

    ...Or a change of clothes.

    15. Allowing your un-toilet-trained toddler to roam the house naked.

    16. Shopping with the family at Ikea on a Saturday.

    17. Spending six months creating the perfect Halloween costume.

    18. Cussing in front of your child just one time.

    19. Thinking your new iPad is "only for Mommy."

    20. Letting your kid channel surf.

    21. Convincing yourself that you're a bad mom.