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    What It’s Like To Travel For Thanksgiving

    With an estimated 24.6 million people flying this Thanksgiving, the busiest travel day of the year just got even crazier. This is exactly what it's like to be at the airport that day.

    There is going to be an estimated 24.6 million airline passengers this Thanksgiving. You know what this means, the airport is going to be a mob scene. For those of us who travel consistently, we know holiday travel is usually amateur hour and we will be witnessing a lot of weird, annoying, and mind-boggling things that day.

    Since you already have to get there early you might as well buy some popcorn, relax and watch it all unfold in front of your eyes.

    As you walk through the glass doors cool as a cucumber, you look around and witness parents with glossy, blood-shot eyes rushing around with six bags, trying to wrangle their children. Are you in the Twilight zone? You sure feel like you are.

    Kids are running in every direction, whining and dragging their stuffed animals across the floor then putting it in their mouth…gross.

    Oh yes, good question indeed.

    You proceed past these amateurs with your boarding pass already printed and head to the security line.

    After standing there for what seems like forever, you start to get close to the front. At this point, TSA agents are telling everyone what they should and shouldn't take out of their bags. It seems pretty straightforward, but you are witnessing people leaving laptops in their bag, forgetting to take off their shoes, having to throw out liquids, and just general chaos.

    However, as you look down at your simple carry-on (you would never pay to check a bag - especially over the holidays) you feel some pride knowing that you packed your bag perfectly and everything you have to take out is easily accessible.

    You finally get past security and you have some time to kill. You should probably eat before getting on the flight so you head to the nearest restaurant. You take one look at the line and spin on your heels. Not happening. You go to the closest Hudson News and grab some chips as you think "this should tide me over for the next four hours…"(sarcasm).

    You make the trek to your gate, dodging people left and right who are walking as if they are lost in a foreign land.

    Your plane starts boarding, you're in zone 1, but people in zone 3 are making their own make shift line that you have to push through. Take a chill pill people. We are all going to get on the plane.

    You give the agent your boarding pass, strut down the gangway, walk to your seat, stow your carry-on directly above you and smile because you just made it through the worst and busiest travel day of the year without breaking a sweat.

    It's Thanksgiving, baby!

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