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    • lud7834

      “I know this will be an odd message haha … but I’ll just be upfront about it. I’m working in your area for a few month. And a drunken conversation came up between a few of the guys I work with. We’re interested in sharing a girl. Basically a gangbang type scenario haha Please dont judge :P Anyway, I saw that you were sexy as hell, nearby and had casual sex listed as an interest. Would you be interested at all? We are all in our mid twenties and clean. Please don’t be offended. Just looking for a good time. :) Let me know ;)”

    • lud7834

      pretty girl… i write poetry  We enter my room
      I know your intentions
      And what to do
      Pulse raised, heavy breathing
      I lay you on my sheets next to me  In this moment
      We are figuring out what to do
      With your hand on my chest, it’s the right move
      Kissing, caressing all night long
      Pounding, sweating until dawn  Electricity in the air
      Scream loud
      I don’t care
      Open wide your heart and mind
      Just release what’s inside  I’ll lay you on my bed next to me
      I’ll taste your breath
      You’ll feel my pounding
      Dreaming of chances to get this on
      Dreaming of you until dawn

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