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12 Pictures Of Guinea Pigs That Probably Have More Style Than You

They're so on fleek

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1. This feathered guinea pig who looks like a bird of paradise

I was trying to look like a parrot so that I could blend in with the classroom displays. #guineapig #education


2. Blonde bombshell

Protus / Via

3. Two guineas chilling out in matching hats

4. This style doubles up as a hair piece and bridal veil

Dana Jansen

5. Hippie guinea

Squeekoftheweek / Via

6. Duuudeeee

Have a great Monday! I thought a Guinea Pig with Sunglasses couldn't hurt! #cystinosis

@Cystinosis_C / Via Twitter: @search

7. Rock and roll piggie


8. Is that you, Clarke Kent?

Megan van der Elst / Via

9. If you thought the Queen had style, think again

Instagram: @fuzzberta

10. So Jennifer Anniston circa 1990

Dana Jansen

11. Just back from Glastonbury

Megan van der Elst / Via

12. Getting her retro influence from Troll Dolls

Instagram: @guineapigsof_ig

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