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Top 10 Justin Timberlake Songs Everyone Needs To Appreciate

ALL of them are perfect in every way, but here are JT's best.

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10. Only When I Walk Away

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JT really brings out his soul in this one. The electric guitar really brings the gruffness out in Justin's voice. So emotional and perfect.

9. Summer Love

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If you aren't completely attached to this upbeat rhyme, then something needs to change, girl. Listening to this song makes me fantasize Justin is at a stoplight looking at me and singing the lyrics. Who wouldn't want to have a summer love with JT??

8. Strawberry Bubblegum

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I would love to be Justin Timberlake's strawberry bubblegum if he was my blueberry lollipop. Enough said. The song is pure happiness. I feel like I am floating on a pink cloud made out of cotton candy when I listen to this song.

7. What Goes Around

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An oldie but always a classic. Even better because JT's true emotions shine through the video and the lyrics. Perfection.

6. Not A Bad Thing

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Why would it EVER be a bad thing for JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE to fall in love with you?! MOST. PERFECT. SONG. AND. VIDEO. CREATED. EVER. YOU GO JUSTIN!

5. Rock Your Body

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One of the best songs to karaoke! Also, it is the best song to pretend you are in the video when dancing to. Just overall one of JT's best because it makes you SO happy!

4. Mirrors

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Classic. Timeless. I wish I was Jessica Biel.

3. TKO

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One of Justin's newer ones that will definitely be a classic. So. Much. Emotion.

2. Sexy Back

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Iconic. Justin's return to the music industry. No competition.

1. Cry Me a River

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And the winner of course -- CRY ME A RIVER! First, it is the best song Justin ever wrote. Second, it is a stab in the heart to Britney Spears. Third, Justin looks so hot in the video. *faints from so much hotness* Last, TIMBALANDDDDD

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