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10 Times Don Draper Made You Lose Your Mind On "Mad Men"

Don Draper is the most perfect man on television and everyone knows it.

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1. When he stared at us so intensely that all we wanted to do was jump through the screen onto his lap.

2. When he was all hot and bothered and we couldn't help but squirm watching him smoke a cig.

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3. When he comes home from a long day of creative thinking and you cannot help but want to run your hands through his stubble.

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4. That one time Don lounged on swimming ropes and basically invited you in for a swim.

AMC / Via


6. When Don rolled up in his convertible like "Babe want to come for a spin?" and your heart melted. Also, those sunglasses. *heart throbs*

7. Who doesn't love Don Draper in striped pajamas?! *swoons*

8. What I wouldn't give to be that cigarette between your lips, Don.

9. That time Don invited you in to his office for a closed meeting.

AMC / Via

10. "I'm the sexiest man alive."

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