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Times Danisnotonfire And AmazingPhil Have Shown The True Meaning Of Friendship

Sometimes it takes a pair of british teens with a lion obsession to show us all the way.

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1. This is Dan and Phil- here's a few of the reasons why they win at friendship

2. They teach each other compassion

3. They care for each other's feelings

4. They both take risks for the sake of having fun together

5. Even though they hang out often, they still manage to weird each other out

6. They share similar movie tastes

7. They demand each other's attention

8. They can get on each other's nerves

9. They're honest with each other

10. They don't skimp on the hugs

11. They enjoy a good dress-up session

12. And embrace the magic that is the onesie together

13. They are anime buddies

14. Home decor is made a shared task

15. They're comfortable acting silly around each other

16. Three cheers for Dan and Phil- the BFFs of the internet!

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