12 Times ‘Trapped’ Gave You Night Terrors As A Kid

Time to go back to the tower…

A few years back, the CBBC used to run a show called Trapped. And it was awesome! The goal was for a group of children to escape a tower with only one surviving, and the rest left to face the monsters inside. Sounds fun.

While it was otherwise pretty cool, a few moments stood out as enough to give any child nightmares….

1. The caretaker- the first thing we saw every episode and yet we never quite got used to him


2. Huh. Never quite worked out who this was but she was still terrifying and getting trapped with her must have been dreadful

Also, she screamed. Loudly.

3. The botherers were awful…

4. But their baby was a billion times worse!

5. The librarian Miss Mutternot gave every child an excuse to avoid reading

Why did she have to scream? Why did ANY of them have to scream?!

6. And the Moon Howler put us off camping trips

Even the demonstrator (known as Wiley Sneak) looks worried…

7. Somehow, even dentist trips became a million times worse!

Also, those children had to remove the teeth. Why would you want to put your hand anywhere near it, gameshow or not?!

8. The Crowman confirmed every child’s suspicion of scarecrows

9. Is… that a corpse?!


10. The snake challenge, was a mental trial that surpassed any horror movie

11. You see that creepy bride in the corner? Guess what sound she made?

Of COURSE she had to scream.

12. And finally- the omnipresent, omnicreepy VOICE

That’s it. I’m done.

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