The Comprehensive Guide To Streaming Part 2 Of The 20/20 Experience

Part 2 of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience is about to drop - but you can listen to it right now on iTunes. Here’s how.

SO, as we all (should) know, JT’s new album is about to drop. In fact, it’s out right this very second on iTunes. Problem is, you can’t pick which song you want to listen to - you have to listen to the whole stream at once (but is that really so bad?)

So, wouldn’t it be nifty if you knew which time each of the songs started? It would be like having the album for free, a week early!


Below, you’ll find the titles and start times of each of the songs on The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. To listen to any of the songs on the stream (on demand!) all you have to do is -

1. Open iTunes.

2. Click the giant-ass banner at the top that says “Streaming” and has a picture of Justin Timberlake looking smug yet somehow amazing.

3. Hit play to bring up the stream.

4. PAUSE the streaming to adjust to the start time of each song. This will pinpointing the start time much easier.

5. Hit play.

6. Enjoy the silky-smooth swooning of JT and the Tennessee Kids (with bonus GIFs!)

4. Gimme What I Don’t Know - 0:00

  / Via

6. Cabaret - 14:46

  / Via

7. TKO - 19:22 (ish?)

Hard to tell where Cabaret ends and TKO begins - but that happens when an album is art, instead of a compilation of singles (looking at you, Ke$ha).

8. Take Back the Night - 26:23

  / Via

9. Murder - 32:15

10. Drink You Away - 37:23

11. You Got It On - 42:55

12. Amnesia - 48:50

13. Only When I Walk Away - 55:55

14. BONUS? - Not a Bad Thing - 1:03:00

15. And, just for funsies…

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