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  • Why Are We Still Obsessed With Brand Jane Austen?

    Jane Austen’s influence on the narrative of female literary history, and the novel as a piece of work, goes without saying. But why are we so obsessed with the kitsch surrounding Miss Austen? Soon, brand Austen will get full pop-culture gilding when Carrie Brownstein completes Nora Ephron’s Lost in Austen. Why does Austen retain pop-icon clout that trumps her torch-carrying contemporaries? Below are a few suggestions for why so many women harbor a love for all things Austen.

  • Beyowulf On The Booker Prize

    Now that Beyonce is a bonafide member of the literati collaborating with Pulitzer Prize winners, who better to guide your reading selections from the Booker Prize longlist? Using the prescient work of Beyowulf as a guide, take your pick from the pool of contenders which includes, for the first time, American authors as well as those from the British diaspora, before the shortlist is revealed on September 9.

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