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    22 Stylish Things From Urban Outfitters That Are Basically Just Compliment Magnets

    Give your adoring fans even *more* to fawn over by putting these picks in front of their eyeballs.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An adorable sloth wall hook that’ll have visitors to your humble abode gushing over it in a way that Command hooks could never dream of. Wall-mounted and made of iron, this gold-tone sloth’s lil hand will hang onto all your most important stuff for you. Ugh, so cute.

    The sloth hook

    2. A faux leather blazer because who says tailored can’t also be edgy? This slightly oversized piece pulls any ~lewk~ together in a way that’ll have folks asking how you always look so effortlessly cool.

    A model wearing the blazer in the color Black

    3. A sheer lace long-sleeve crop top, so you can finally embrace your destiny as Supreme Ruler of All Things Layered™. Whether you opt to keep it simple with a bralette or add a bit more, this pick’ll bring that certain je ne sais quoi to any ‘fit — and folks will. not. be able to stop talking about it. (In a good way, of course.)

    A model wearing the top in the color Lavender

    4. A hand-y (get it?) ring holder that’ll solicit the biggest round of applause (get it???) from whoever lays eyes upon it. This ceramic, hand-shaped ring holder packs tons of vintage charm, thanks to its beautiful floral pattern.

    The ring holder in the color Blue Multi

    5. A pair of retro-chic aviators everyone will keep asking if they can borrow from you. Lightweight and with all the UV protection your peepers need, they’ll top off your look with super stylish ease.

    A model wearing the aviators in the color Black

    6. A chunky cat planter that’ll make your guests — and you! — smile every time you look at it. Go on. Look at it. Look at it. How adorable is it? It’s made of ceramic, for the curious; also, note that the glazing varies from piece to piece, so each lil purr-fect buddy is unique.

    The cat planter

    7. And a little froggy watering bulb so your chunky cat planter won’t get lonely or dry. Who doesn’t love seeing animals being buds? No one. That’s who. And anyone who sees this will undoubtedly not hesitate to inform you how much they love it.

    The frog watering bulb in use in a plant pot

    8. A pair of super comfy balloon pants for the ultimate in effortless cool. Were you around in the ‘90s? Awesome — now’s your chance to relive that finest of decades. Were you not around in the ‘90s? Also awesome — now’s your chance to get in on the trends you missed the first time ‘round. Either way, these bottoms will be one heck of a conversation starter, no matter which of the oodles of colors you grab ‘em in.

    9. A chiffon midi dress with to-die-for details that’ll be the talk of the town. From the buttons on the bodice to the ruffle trim and dramatic slit, this piece will make a statement wherever you go.

    A model wearing the midi dress in the color Green Multi

    10. A velvet romper so sweet, people will think you’re starring in your very own gothic romance. Flounces, ruffles, a lace-up front — this pick has it all. Talk about a showstopper!

    A model wearing the romper in the color Pink

    11. Some tinted glass mugs that’ll make your kaffeeklatsches the event of the season — because, y’know, everyone is going to want to drink out of them. Note that they’re a little bit fragile, but they’re dishwasher-safe — and also so gorgeous.

    The mugs in the colors Yellow, Purple, and Green

    12. A woven wall mirror your besties won’t be able to stop gazing at — and not just because their own gorgeous mugs are reflected in it. This rattan pick comes in three different designs, too, so you can do a whole gallery wall setup with ‘em if you like!

    The mirrors in the styles Burst, Circle, and Sun

    13. A set of four floral tapers almost too pretty to burn. These delicately beautiful candles feature actual dried flowers pressed right into the wax for an unexpected pop of detail. Put ‘em on the table at your next dinner party, and your friends might be too distracted by them to eat.

    The tapers in the color collection Orange

    14. A midi skirt full of witchy vibes that’ll put a spell on you — and anyone you choose to dazzle with it. With tons of texture and an asymmetrical hem, this pick is anything but boring.

    A model wearing the skirt in the color Black

    15. A glass table lamp so stunning, everyone will want to know where you got it from. (Send ‘em here, friends!) Taking its design cues from Italian Murano glass, it’s an art piece when it’s unlit and a functional art piece when it is.

    The lamp in the color White

    16. Some surprisingly versatile lace tights, because it’s never not a good time for a little dose of elegance — even if you’re pairing them with Doc Martens. These ones come in more colors than just black, too, so they’re sure to earn a stamp of approval from both your grunge-loving BFF and your would-be Victorian tea buddy.

    17. A cute lil mushroom cheeseboard your pals will beg you to bring out every time they come over. This mango wood piece may not be huge…but tbh, it doesn’t have to be to make a huge impact.

    The cheeseboard

    18. A drapey flannel shirt that updates the cold-weather wardrobe staple in a big, big way. With a boxy and oversized, yet slightly cropped fit, this button-down’s silhouette is so endlessly versatile, you’ll never get tired of wearing it — or of raking in the compliments every time you do.

    19. A lush velvet-trimmed ruana so dreamy, it’ll instantly elevate whatever you threw on that day into a full-on ensemble (complete with a French accent). If anyone asks your secret — and they will absolutely ask your secret — you can always just smile mysteriously and float off into the sunset, thanks to this flowing and elegant topper.

    A model wearing the ruana in the color Brown

    20. A set of two zodiac layering necklaces — it'll have even people who didn’t think they were into astrology at all asking, “What’s your sign?” The set includes two necklaces — one featuring the zodiac sign and one with a small, complementary gem — which, together, are at once eye-catching and delicate, perfect for special occasions and everyday wear alike.

    21. A cheerful arch-tufted throw pillow that’ll have folks singing your interior design praises. Life is in the details, and this pretty, pink, tasseled pillow is one heck of a detail.

    The pillow

    22. And a fruit bowl honestly way cooler than any fruit bowl really has a right to be. Don’t be surprised if you notice an uptick in folks asking if they can munch on an apple or a banana while they’re at your place if you’ve got this neat, loopy piece in your kitchen — they’ll legit look for any excuse to sneak a peek!

    The fruit bowl in the color Cream

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