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    31 Perfectly Packable Things From Walmart You Probably Need For Your Next Trip

    Phenomenal cosmic travel power; iiiiiiitty bitty suitcase space.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A travel-size flat iron that packs as much power as a full-size one. Don’t be fooled by this cute lil’ baby; its titanium plates heat up quickly and evenly, and despite its teeny-tiny size, it'll smooth out the kinks from even the wildest waves – including (ahem) my own.

    The mini flat iron compared to a full-sized flat iron

    2. A collapsible duffel bag, so you’ll never run out of space for all your souvenirs again. This 20-inch duffel folds up into a neat little package when not in use. Just toss it in your suitcase before you leave, unzip it (should the need arise), and bam – you’ll have an extra bag available for any treasures you pick up on your travels to safely carry them home in.

    the black duffel bag

    3. A solid facial cleanser stick that’ll free up space in your liquids bag for other things – and let you rest safe in the knowledge that there will be no spills in your luggage while you’re in transit. This cleanser starts out as a solid balm. Then, when you apply water, it turns into a cleansing oil and gently foams up, so you can take the day off without stripping your skin or weakening its moisture barrier.

    the cleansing stick

    4. A collapsible water bottle, so you can stay hydrated and pack with maximum efficiency at the same time. This soft, 16-ounce silicone bottle squishes down when it’s empty, making it easy to take through airport security – or just throw in any bag when you’re on the go to fill up later.

    5. A set of seven packing cubes that’ll work wonders for organizing your suitcase. If you haven’t hopped on the packing cube bandwagon yet, now is the perfect time to do so – and as a relatively recent packing convert myself, believe me when I say that they’re life-changing. Cubes like these help you Tetris everything into your suitcase with ease, and make it so much easier to find and yank out what you need once you’ve reached your destination.

    The packing cubes in the color Light Blue

    6. Or, some travel compression bags to help you eke out every. Last. Inch. Of suitcase space. Stashing your clothes in these bags and then rolling them up gets rid of the air and squishes down the bulk, truly maximizing your packing potential. Plus, since these aren’t the kind of compression bags you need to stick a vacuum into in order to work, they’re usable on the return trip, too – whether or not your Airbnb came equipped with a Hoover.

    A model using the compression bags

    7. A few Tide To-Go pens, because stains don’t stop just because you’re on vacation. These travel-friendly pens stash easily, thanks to their compact size, and make quick work of the worst travel “oops!” moments – from spilling your coffee on yourself on the plane to walking away from an idyllic picnic with grass stains all over your favorite pair of white Keds.

    The Tide-To-Go pens

    8. A compact power bank that’ll make sure your phone and other devices always have juice, no matter where you are. This little aqua-colored portable battery can hold enough energy to charge your phone twice – and bonus, it’s also super pretty.

    The power bank

    9. A set of four TSA-approved silicone travel bottles so you can always take your favorite lotions and potions on the go with you. These soft, squeezable bottles are easy to fill and refill, letting you decant your full-size skincare and haircare must-haves into cute little travel-friendly packages.

    The bottles

    10. A few patterned, reusable Ziploc bags that’ll corral all your stuff in style. Like the silicone bottles, this set of five, water-resistant bags is TSA-friendly; they also have expandable bottoms, which means they’ll stand up on their own (no more struggling to keep them upright as you fit stuff into them). And did I mention how cute they are? Because they are. They’re really, really cute. I mean it.

    The Ziploc bag

    11. Or, a 12-piece TSA-approved “convenience pack” that includes all the essentials for a carry-on-only trip. That’s right: You don’t have to strategize your toiletry packing all on your own — you can literally just tuck this kit in your bag, and you’re good to go. Reviewers say it’s also great for hospital go-bags and emergency kits, FYI.

    The convenience kit

    12. A portable digital luggage scale, so you’ll never have to worry about over-packing again. Just hang your suitcase from this digital scale, hold it up off the ground, and wait until the display reads “hold.” Then put the scale down to read the actual weight of your bag. And it’s so small that it tucks right into your bag without taking up valuable space that is better put toward other things. Easy peasy!

    The luggage scale in use

    13. An all-in-one plug adapter that’ll do the work of fitting square pegs in round holes for you. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of forgetting to look up what kinds of outlets exist in your destination and then not being able to charge your devices once you get there, this little doohickey solves that problem for you, whether you’re in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, or South America. It’s basically a very tiny Transformer that exists purely for your travel and vacation needs. Heck yes.

    14. A packable, wide-brim sun visor, because you should never skimp on sun protection. This visor is ready to guard you for any and all adventures in places known for their bright and sunny weather; it rolls up for easy packability, then unrolls quickly for instant shade.

    15. An adorable Fujifilm Instax camera bundle, so you can capture all your favorite travel memories in an actual, tangible way. (Let’s face it: When was the last time you actually scrolled through the 8 million photos you’ve got stored on your phone?). You’re probably familiar with these candy-colored devices already, but there’s no denying how much fun it is watching your pictures develop right before your very eyes – and then you’ve got an instant keepsake, too.

    The INSTAX camera in the color Light Pink

    16. A wear-it-with-anything maxi dress, because the art of truly efficient packing relies on going for the best multifunctional pieces you can find. Having a leisurely, vacay-all-day brunch? Pair this comfy, shirred-waist pick with sneakers and a denim jacket. Heading out for a night on the town? Opt for strappy heels and some statement jewelry instead. This one absolutely does it all – a must when you’re working with a capsule travel wardrobe.

    A model wearing the dress in the color Blue Black

    17. And a pair of equally multifunctional V-neck tees, so you’ll have your basics covered, too. A good T-shirt is sort of like eggplant or tofu in that it takes on the flavors of whatever you cook it in – or, y’know, style it with, as the case may be. So when you’re aiming to pack efficiently, having a couple of them around goes a long way toward keeping you chic and comfy on the road with minimal fuss.

    18. A two-pack of makeup eraser cloths that’ll take off a full face with nothing more than water. Traveling with actual makeup remover can be…let’s call it a challenge, but if you’ve got one of these suckers with you, you’ll never have to suffer through that challenge (or mess!) again. Just wet one of these clothes down, wipe away, and watch the entire day come off as you go.

    A model using the makeup remover cloth

    19. A hanging toiletry bag perfect for helping you stay on top of your somewhat elaborate toilette even when you’re on the road. With tons of compartments for all your stuff, including two waterproof pockets on the side for things like toothbrushes, and a handy hanging hook at the top, this toiletry bag puts all other toiletry bags to shame.

    20. A copy of Hanabi, a card game that’ll make sure you and your travel companions never get bored when you’re waiting for your inevitably delayed flight (airlines, am I right?). A collaborative game rather than a competitive one, Hanabi sees you and your pals working together to figure the correct order in which to launch a set of dazzling fireworks. Simple to learn and a challenge to play, it’s great fun – and since it’s a card game, the packing footprint it leaves in your luggage is basically zero.


    21. A waterproof valuables pouch, because although you might enjoy taking a quick dip to cool off while you’re on vacay, your phone, keys, and cards don’t. This neat-o bag seals up completely, so you can keep all your most important things safe anywhere from the beach to Splash Mountain. It’s touchscreen-compatible, too, so you don’t even have to take your phone out of the pouch to snap that pic or answer that text.

    The waterproof pouch

    22. A compact travel umbrella that’ll prevent the tragedy of getting caught in the rain – without eating up all your carry-on space. This cute little mini-'brella opens automatically at the push of a button, then folds back down to an extremely space-efficient 8 inches when it’s no longer needed. Also, it comes in a whole bunch of designs, from solid, goes-with-everything colors to fun prints (Donuts! Unicorns! Heck yes!) – so no matter what your personal ~aesthetic~ might be, you’ll be able to splash through the puddles in style.

    23. A convertible travel pillow, so you can snooze in comfort on planes, trains, and automobiles of all kinds. This pick can be configured either as a rectangle – y’know, a regular pillow shape – or as a U-shaped neck pillow, so whether you like to lean against the window or need something to prop your neck up as you rest, this fleecy, cozy, flexible option has you covered.

    24. A three-pack of colorful compression socks that’ll keep the life in your legs even during extremely long flights. Not only will these socks keep your circulation going while you’re in the air, they’ll also make you super happy to see them whenever you look down. Seriously! Look how fun they are!

    The compression sock set in the color Bold Stripe

    25. A RFID-blocking passport cover and wallet set, so you can keep all your most important cards and documents together without worrying about skimming or data stealing. This dynamic duo comes in tons of different colors and patterns, and, I mean, let’s be real: Nothing makes you feel quite as put-together as having matching sets for all your most important gear.

    the floral passport cover and wallet set

    26. A portable white noise machine, if you love to travel but have trouble sleeping in unfamiliar locations. This itty-bitty little machine is less than 4 inches in diameter, making it exactly the right size to pack away in your luggage. It also charges with a USB cord, so you can make sure it has enough juice to see you through night after night. May you sleep the sleep of the proverbially dead, my friends.

    The portable white noise machine

    27. A little travel-size tube of hand cream from Burt’s Bees that’ll save your hands from the horrors of in-flight dryness. This pick also packs a light, soothing aroma, so if you tend to be an anxious traveler, breathing in a whiff of this stuff after you apply it might also help your frazzled nerves chill a little.

    the hand cream

    28. A travel-size can of the lauded Batiste dry shampoo, because why waste your vacation time washing your hair when you could be, oh, I don’t know, lounging on the beach, or heading to another museum, or literally climbing a mountain? Just spritz it in, let it sit for a minute, and then brush your hair out. Voilà! The best hair day is yours, immediately.

    29. A packable quilted vest for those times when your travels take you somewhere the opposite of tropical. For those of us who prefer to travel to, uh, less toasty destinations, being able to layer up is key – and happily, with this short-sleeved vest on hand, you’ll always have what you need to stay warm.

    A model wearing the best in the color Cosmic Pink

    30. And a packable, half-zip rain anorak from Champion that pulls off a true magic trick: It folds up into a little pocket that’s part of the jacket itself – meaning there’s not even an extra storage bag or pouch to keep track of. Stash this neat little pick into your bag, and you’ll never have to worry about getting caught in the rain again – at home or on vacation.

    A model wearing the jacket in the color Black

    31. And lastly, a couple of travel packs of Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes, because you can never be too careful these days. These wipes are a great option if you don’t want to take up valuable space in your liquids bag with gel or liquid hand sanitizer; each pack has 10 wipes inside, with packaging that reseals so they don’t get all dried out.

    The wet wipes

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