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The 19 Questions "Hocus Pocus" Left Unanswered Answered

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1. Why didn’t Binx ever contact his parents after becoming a cat?

Given that Binx is only capable of meowing at the beginning of the movie, I have to assume his ability to vocalize human words was evolutionary, and that by the time he gained the ability, his parents were already dead.

2. Why didn’t the Sanderson Sisters simply put a spell on the Salem townsfolk?

They did place a spell on the townspeople when Bette Midler sang her fabulous rendition of “I Put a Spell on You”: they literally were vexed into dancing until they died, though, obviously, the spell was eventually broken when they were killed.

3. Or why not just turn everyone into a cat?

They never demonstrated that their magic worked on anyone but children, but if they turned everyone in town into a cat, they then wouldn’t have the ability to suck the souls out of children, as they’d be felines, and the townspeople would be able to disperse at a rapid rate, which would have been counterproductive to their primary goal.

7. Why did Winnie resurrect her ex-boyfriend?

She leaves the dirty work to her henchmen (her sisters primarily) and presents signs she’s a psychological projectionist, so it makes sense that she’d have summoned Billy rather than taking care of Max and the gang herself.

11. Where were all the babysitters?

All of the adults in town were at the Halloween dance, which rules out adult babysitters, meaning it’d have been other children babysitting, and the sisters entranced every child/teenager in town; thus, the babysitters would have been hypnotized as well.

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