I Can't Drive, But Here Are 15 Reasons Why "Gran Turismo 7" Has Me Hooked Right Now

    I'm driving my friends around the bend talking about it!

    Hi, I'm Luca and being a gamer, February has destroyed my wallet! I know that many of us have been waiting for Gran Turismo 7.

    This game is so good that even people who are scared of driving (me), can't get enough! Here are 15 things I'm loving about Gran Turismo 7:

    1. There are so many cars, tracks, races, and it's only the beginning.

    The world map of the racing game "Gran Turismo 7" showing an island at sunset with all the icons representing different activities to do in the game

    2. Okay, I need to geek out about how insane the weather system is here. The race track in California will have different cloud formations than it would in England.

    3. This is the most satisfying racing game I've ever played, and we can thank the PS5 controller for that.

    4. There's the cosy GT-cafe, where you chat to people and complete menu books that get you up to speed in the world of car culture!

    A leather menu book in "Gran Turismo 7" from the GT Cafe detailing the task to win on a French race course in the top three positions

    5. Ray-tracing – It's a way to realistically trace each ray of light from a light source and it makes lighting, shadows, and reflections look so real.

    A photo realistic shot of a Chevrolet at dusk in an Australian road in "Gran Turismo 7"

    6. Which makes photography here the best I've ever seen in a game!

    The same pictures of the chevrolet but in the photo editing suite showcasing all the photography tools in "Gran Turismo 7"

    7. Gran Turismo has always had this eccentric identity, and that doesn't change here with its cast of characters and VERY detailed historical timelines.

    8. Grab any set of headphones, and plug (or connect!) them to your PS5 controller. You'll feel one step away from playing in VR thanks to the 3D audio!

    9. Music rally lets you race to electro classic beats and many other tracks!

    The cockpit view of a race car wheel as the driver races to the beats in a country set race track at noon

    10. The insane level of car tuning and customisation that's finally understandable and, surprisingly addictive.

    A "Gran Turismo 7" character Rupert explaining what a high lift camshaft is in the tune menu saying "An engine's camshaft controls intake and exhaust valves A high lift cam shaft keeps the valves open longer."

    11. Customisation isn't just under the hood, it's also... on the hood. I wasn't prepared for how far you can go in turning your car into your personal canvas.

    My race driver in "Gran Turismo 7" with my name "LUCA" across the helmet

    12. All the effort you'll make taking nice pics and designing your car shouldn't be kept to yourself though right? Now you have a social platform in the game – "the Showcase."

    The showcase platform in "Gran Turismo 7" with a picture of a racecar in the rain with options to like re-share and comment which people have done

    13. Split-screen couch co-op, in the year of 2022!?

    A two-player split-screen race in "Gran Turismo 7"

    14. In collaboration with Sony, the developers helped create and train a revolutionary A.I for driving, named "SOPHY".

    View this video on YouTube

    Sony Interactive Entertainment

    They've spent a lot of time training this advanced A.I. not just to drive, but to be the best driver. Normally, the computer drivers have been programmed to know the course and mathematically how to navigate it, they'd never actually learn or adapt as a person would. 

    Not only have they trained SOPHY to learn as a human driver would, it actually managed to beat the best Gran Turismo racers in the real world!

    15. And finally, where did this absolute tune come from?!

    View this video on YouTube

    Sony Interactive Entertainment

    Idris Elba?! Yes please! 

    Let us know how your Gran Turismo experience is going in the comments below!

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