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33 Reasons Why The South Of Italy Will Ruin You For Life

It's time to say it loud and clear: The South is just better than the North.

1. Because in the South, there's no need to drive down a highway for an hour if you fancy a swim in the sea. It's just everywhere.

gnuckx / Flickr: gnuckx

Isola Bella, near Taormina (Sicily).

2. Because you can feel free to dry your clean clothes outside.

Scott Barron / Flickr: 58648602@N04

Messina (Sicily)

momo / Flickr: kudumomo


3. Because pizza was invented in Naples.

Adam Kuban / Via Flickr: slice

Seriously, what more do you need??

4. Because of how beautiful Naples looks at night.

Maritè Toledo / Via Flickr: marittoledo

5. Because, while a coffee in Milan sets you back 2 euros, in Palermo you can pay as little as 80 cents.

Dzhingarova / Via Flickr: 99852712@N04

6. Because "rain in the North and clear blue skies in the South" is what you're most likely to hear during an Italian weather forecast.

Massimiliano Agati / Getty Images


7. Because the South may not be as rich as the North, but it sure is ~richer~.

Getty Images

Ravello (Campania)

8. Because our villages look like this:

Getty Images

Matera (Basilicata)

9. Because of this:

Getty Images

Trapani (Sicily)

10. And because of these heaven-sent treats:

Getty Images
paPisc / Flickr: papisc

Sicilian cannoli.

11. Because in the South, we just know how to take it easy.

Paolo Margari CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: paolomargari

Specchia (Puglia)

12. Because we've got snowcapped volcanoes.

Getty Images / Thinkstock

Mount Etna (Sicilia)

13. Because even the ancient Greeks chose to live here.

Mr Laser / Flickr: mr_laser

Agrigento (Sicilia)

14. Because in the South people dance in town squares.

Pierluigi Luceri / Flickr: pierluigiluceri

Galatina (Puglia)

15. Because as undecided as Rome is about being called central or southern, one thing's for sure: It most certainly doesn't want to be called northern.

Thinkstock / Getty Images

Piazza Navona, Rome.

16. Because you can lose yourself in the small beautiful alleys of our cities...

Francesco / Flickr: 23174201@N06

Ceglie Messapico (Puglia)

17. And sit first row to watch nature's best show.

Aleks_Kuntz / Flickr: aleks_kuntz

Giovinazzo (Puglia)

18. Because in the South playing cards is more than a game, it's an art.

Sara Fasullo / Via Flickr: sarasculli

Palermo (Sicily)

19. And the ''siesta'' after lunch is a religion.

20. Because no one could think of a better spot to build a church.

Zimmerman76 CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: zimmerman76

Vieste (Puglia)

21. Because they still play music on a stage built in the third century B.C.

Mario Cutroneo / Via Flickr: anams

Teatro antico (Taormina)

22. Because our architecture is never boring.

Michele Ursino CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: micurs

Alberobello (Puglia)

23. Because courtyards are basically public squares.

Rrrainbow / Getty Images


24. Because in the South, this is just the first of 11 courses.

nicdalic CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: nicdalic

Gnocchi alla sorrentina

25. Because if you haven't tried arancini, you haven't lived.

Stijn Nieuwendijk / Flickr: stijnnieuwendijk

26. Because Neapolitan rum babà will always brighten your day.

Arianna Flaco / Flickr: impaginazione

27. Because in the South, nonnas start making fresh pasta at 6 a.m.

Giuseppe Masili CC BY / Via Flickr: giuseppemasili

Homemade orecchiette in Puglia.

28. Because if you can drive a car here, you can do it anywhere.

e.é / Via Flickr: 40861539@N05

Palermo (Sicily)

29. Because in the South, street food is as good as a five-star restaurant meal.

Antonio Trogu / Via Flickr: atrogu

Sampolo (Sicily)

30. Because we have the best soccer stadiums in the world.

Hugopan / Via Flickr: hugopan


31. Because even though the Palermo soccer team isn't the Juventus FC, they've still got style.

Tullio M. Puglia / Getty Images

32. Because in the South, all you need to avoid carrying heavy shopping bags up the stairs are a basket and a piece of rope.

Flavio Ronco / Via Flickr: pixotropic

33. And because many northern Italians spend their holidays in the South, but the opposite is rarely true.

Bluejayphoto / Getty Images

Atrani (Campania)