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33 Reasons Why The South Of Italy Will Ruin You For Life

It's time to say it loud and clear: The South is just better than the North.

1. Because in the South, there's no need to drive down a highway for an hour if you fancy a swim in the sea. It's just everywhere.

2. Because you can feel free to dry your clean clothes outside.

3. Because pizza was invented in Naples.

4. Because of how beautiful Naples looks at night.

5. Because, while a coffee in Milan sets you back 2 euros, in Palermo you can pay as little as 80 cents.

6. Because "rain in the North and clear blue skies in the South" is what you're most likely to hear during an Italian weather forecast.

7. Because the South may not be as rich as the North, but it sure is ~richer~.

8. Because our villages look like this:

9. Because of this:

10. And because of these heaven-sent treats:

Sicilian cannoli.

11. Because in the South, we just know how to take it easy.

12. Because we've got snowcapped volcanoes.

13. Because even the ancient Greeks chose to live here.

14. Because in the South people dance in town squares.

15. Because as undecided as Rome is about being called central or southern, one thing's for sure: It most certainly doesn't want to be called northern.

16. Because you can lose yourself in the small beautiful alleys of our cities...

17. And sit first row to watch nature's best show.

18. Because in the South playing cards is more than a game, it's an art.

19. And the ''siesta'' after lunch is a religion.

20. Because no one could think of a better spot to build a church.

21. Because they still play music on a stage built in the third century B.C.

22. Because our architecture is never boring.

23. Because courtyards are basically public squares.

24. Because in the South, this is just the first of 11 courses.

25. Because if you haven't tried arancini, you haven't lived.

26. Because Neapolitan rum babà will always brighten your day.

27. Because in the South, nonnas start making fresh pasta at 6 a.m.

28. Because if you can drive a car here, you can do it anywhere.

29. Because in the South, street food is as good as a five-star restaurant meal.

30. Because we have the best soccer stadiums in the world.

31. Because even though the Palermo soccer team isn't the Juventus FC, they've still got style.

32. Because in the South, all you need to avoid carrying heavy shopping bags up the stairs are a basket and a piece of rope.

33. And because many northern Italians spend their holidays in the South, but the opposite is rarely true.