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    Reason Why I Love You Ashela

    All of the reasons why I love the most amazing woman in the world.

    You are a good bass fisher

    you think this is funny and not animal abuse

    You let me out of the house wearing almost anything...

    and you make sure no one bothers me when I'm hungover!

    You have an absolute heart of gold....

    the most attractive woman I have ever laid eyes on

    and are much smarter than i will ever be!

    You are adventurous

    and you will eat anything I put in front of you

    You support all of my crazy bad ideas!

    and i support you with all of your good ones!

    You love this little lady

    and this guy


    You love my family and they love you

    You make me laugh...

    and look at me like I'm the only person in the world

    We have a beautiful home

    and an amazing family together

    And i want to make memories with you for the rest of my life

    and maybe one of these one day...

    So now it's time to get serious (that's my serious face)

    Miss Ashela Grace, would you be my partner in eternity, my best friend forever, and the woman that i spend the rest of my life with.......

    Would you marry me? I promise to love you unconditionally and be yours and only yours until I no longer walk this earth. I'm waiting at home for you... Love, Andrew

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