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LSD Ink - Limited Edition Art On Tees

Lsd Ink - Limited Edition Art Do you love to squiggle and doodle with your brush? Lsd ink is your graffiti wall. Paint your imagination on t-shirts and forward your designs to us. Lsd ink was born to evoke your inborn talent. It provides you a canvas to fabricate your ideas into reality. At lsd ink we treasure such pieces of art. Share your creations with other creators on board and stay connected to your friends, fashion and art through this social network system. The designs which score the highest number of votes are displayed on our homepage along with the artist’s interview and his inspiration behind it’ “if any”. The triumphant too gets his share from the t-shirt sales. These designs are accessible only for 69 hours for our shoppers online and then it evaporates from the sight and site forever. These t-shirts are weaved with the finest quality fabric for it to last. These exclusive sketched tees will stay with you till the end of days even if they are worn or torn!

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