10 Signs You Grew Up Reading “Redwall”

Epic battles. Fearless warriors. Mice?

1. You consider mice, otters, and badgers to be “good”, and rats, ferrets, and weasels to be “evil”

Also you assumed badgers and hares were automatically friends, because that makes sense.

2. You re-enacted battles with your other dorky friends and assigned people “species” rather than names.

And fought over who technically was using the Sword of Martin

3. You got in trouble for hitting your cat with a knotted rope.

Mariel = Ultimate feminine role model.

4. You always asked your Mom to make food that doesn’t technically exist

Candied Chestnuts? Skilly ‘n’ Duff? Deeper’n’Ever Turnip’n’Tater’n’Beetroot Pie? Hotroot Soup?

Give me all of that. At once.

5. You divided time into “seasons” rather than “months” or “years”

“I’m 42 seasons old next week Wednesday”

6. It was totally plausible that a colony of fighting hares led by a badger lord lived in an extinct volcano and protected the countryside from evil pirate rats.


7. You’re still not really sure what the Mole accent is supposed to sound like

“Ho, save the choild, ‘urry up and scoff quick now, lest the hinfant be drownded in yon pudden.”

8. “Eulalia” is your childhood’s equivalent to “YOLO”

Although kind of a mouthfull…

9. You cried when Methuselah died

Seriously I loved that guy. So much wisdom.

10. Let’s be honest, you were also pretty sad when you learned that Brian Jacques died

RIP Brian. Thanks for everything.

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