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    A-Z Of Welcome Week

    This Welcome Week, we're doing our best to make sure you have a good time! In fact, we think we've got something for every letter of the alphabet - well, almost...

    A is for Academy of Sport

    Come and get introduced to our brilliant Academy of Sport – learn how you can get involved with most any sport you can think of during your time at LSBU. As a first-year student find out how you can get free gym membership.

    B is for Be Your Own Boss

    This session could be the start of your business idea becoming your reality. What are you waiting for?

    C is for clubs and societies

    We put on a showcase of all of our clubs and societies – we know it’s not always easy to meet people, and this event means you can come and meet people with similar interests, from lacrosse to board games. What better way to make friends than doing something you love?

    D is for Digital Skills

    Come for digital support, tricks and advice!

    E is for Events not to be missed

    We are putting on a host of events this Welcome Week – check out what’s happening

    F is for free stuff!

    There's loads of free stuff (famously the best stuff) given away throughout the week - even more reason to be here!

    G is for Games Night

    This is a great chance to get involved with the gaming community at LSBU

    H is for Health

    We are here to support your mental health and wellbeing. If you need a space to talk, unwind or play, then just say.

    I is for Introductions

    Be it to Learning Skills or just to your new friends.

    J is for Join In!

    Come down, get involved and have some fun!

    K is for Know Your Neighbour

    Okay, "get to know" sounds better, but we can't make each one perfect, can we? Welcome Week is a perfect time to get to know your new friends, or even the people in your halls.

    L is for LSBU

    of course!

    M is for Money Matters

    We know how important being informed and being in control, as well as getting the most out of your money is. We run several sessions on managing your money as a student, so come along and see how we can make looking after your money a walk in the park

    N is for Nearly There

    Have you got all your last minute preparation done for the big move?

    O is for out out!

    A club night, of course!

    P is for Pub Quiz

    Our famous pub quiz - what more can we say?

    Q is for Questions

    We expect you might have some questions – so why not talk to a current student about their experience starting at LSBU?

    R is for Reading

    Why not get ahead and prepare for your start with a spot of reading?

    S is for Student Life Centre

    We've got your back

    T is for Trying new things

    See the variety of events on offer in Welcome Week

    U is for Using our Utilities

    As a new student, make sure you know the full range of facilities LSBU for you to use!

    V is for Visit London

    Our campus is in the heart of a global city – you can see visit the sights one of the world’s greatest cities that are right outside your new front door!

    W is for Welcome to LSBU

    See the other Welcome Week events we couldn't squeeze into the alphabet

    X is difficult, but it's also Latin for 10, so...

    ... how about 10 things to do this Welcome Week?

    Y is for You

    This is all about you, and your future – we want you to make the most of it with our help.

    Z is for ZzzZzZzzz

    If you've made it this far, you're probably pretty tired. Make sure to rest, relax, and most importantly, enjoy yourself this Welcome Week!