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    LSBU Welcome Week Top 10

    With Welcome Week just around the corner, we thought we’d put together a Top 10 list of things every new (and returning) LSBU student should do! We’ll admit, it was pretty difficult to get it down to just ten...

    10. School welcomes

    A perfect start to your time at LSBU is getting to know your classmates and the people teaching you – you'll be spending the rest of your time studying, working, laughing and crying with these people, so come along to your School's Welcome session and say hello.

    9. Clubs and Societies showcase

    We put on a showcase of all of our clubs and societies – we know it’s not always easy to meet people, and this event means you can come and meet people with similar interests, from lacrosse to board games. What better way to make friends than doing something you love?

    8. London life!

    Our campus is right at the heart of one of the best cities in the world to be a student – you can walk out of your door and explore some world-renowned sights. Immerse yourself in culture at the Southbank Centre, learn something new at world-class museums or simply get some of the best views in London with Big Ben, The Tate Modern and Millennium Bridge on your doorsteps.

    7. Academy of Sport

    Come and get introduced to our brilliant Academy of Sport – learn how you can get involved with most any sport you can think of during your time at LSBU. As a first-year student find out how you can get free gym membership too.

    6. Pub Quiz

    There are few better ways to not only get to know your new neighbours and friends, but to also show off a little bit of your knowledge. Come to the infamous pub quiz in the SU and test your skills!

    5. Mercato Metropolitano

    One of the best destinations in South London, Mercato Metropolitano, is right next to our campus! A sustainable community food market with food and drink from all over the world - there's something for everyone here!

    4. Student Communities Showcase

    This event is where we are proud to showcase the diversity LSBU has – the SU will provide a space for all groups, from BAME, LGBTQ+ and Disabled Students to International Students (and many more!) to chat, meet up and crucially make new friends!

    3. Money Matters

    We know how important being informed and being in control, as well as getting the most out of your money is. We run several sessions on managing your money as a student, so come along and see how we can make looking after your money a walk in the park.

    2. Mental Health and Wellbeing

    Real talk time. Forget what you see on Instagram, life isn't straightforward. We all have to manage our physical and mental health. If you need a space to talk, unwind or play, then just say!

    1. The best thing to do this Welcome Week is...

    Whatever you want! LSBU is about turning your passion into your purpose and rising to achieve your own version of success. See what takes your fancy, find what you enjoy and go be you!