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    15 Valuable Life Lessons "Arthur" Tried To Teach You

    Muffy and the gang tell it straight.

    1. The world can be painfully difficult.

    2. And life is disappointing.

    3. You will likely struggle with addiction.

    4. You may relapse frequently.

    5. Sometimes, the people closest to you will be the cruelest.

    6. But remember, be yourself. Confidence is beautiful.

    7. Speaking of beauty, spread it around.

    8. While you're at it, go outside once or twice.

    9. Because how else will you get new stuff to tweet about?

    10. It's usually best to be honest.

    11. A little suspicion goes a long way.

    12. Because people don't always make sense.

    13. And while money can be nice...

    14. ...things you pay for aren't always worth the hype.

    15. As always, the best things in life are free.