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    10 Best College Basketball Rivalries

    These are the ten most exciting rivalries in college basketball. They are regularly scheduled and competitive with lots of student excitement. This is what college roundball is all about!

    10. Syracuse - Pittsburgh


    Overlapping recruiting areas and a shared history in the Big East has always made this exciting, but with Syracuse now in the ACC we had to rank down at #10

    9. Iowa - Iowa State


    We picked this one because with both teams finding recent relevancy on the national scene the annual in-state showdown has much more meaning. Expect the fans to be out in full force, especially for the next few years!

    8. Stanford - California


    This list wouldn't be complete without this classic Pac-12 matchup. These teams feature some of the best west coast basketball and the emotion from their heated football rivalry shows in the student section for this game.

    7. Xavier - Cincinnati


    The crosstown shootout resulting in a fight back in 2011 that almost stopped the series for good. The battle rages on to determine Cincinnati's best NCAAM team every year.

    6. St Louis - Dayton


    This A-10 rivalry occurs once or twice a year and decides who takes home the Arch Baron Cup, one of college basketball's only rivalry trophies. The game is typically sold out since both teams are within driving distance and have loyal followings.

    5. Kansas - Missouri


    In perhaps the only rivalry started by Henry Clay, Kansas and Missouri make up on the court for what they lack on the gridiron. Both teams are often ranked.

    4. Kentucky - Indiana


    These two storied teams come from schools where basketball isn't just what matters - it is all that matters. Both teams are regularly gunning for national championships making this rivalry a bit of a championship of its own.

    3. Ohio State - Michigan


    We would be remiss to leave out one of college football's largest rivalries. These two states literally went to war against each other at one point and the argument continues on the court to this day.

    2. Kansas - Kansas State


    Kansas is all about basketball and if you're from Kansas, you have to take a side. This annual Big 12 matchup may be the biggest game int he Big 12 of all sports each year.

    1. Duke - North Carolina


    This game needs no explanation. These are two of the most successful programs of all time and they are always playing to win. This game is a real treat every year.

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