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This Beautiful Foundation In Mexico Is Saving Lions, Tigers, And Jaguars, Oh My!

Get ready for some intense cute from The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation

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Meet Papa Bear, AKA Eduardo Serio. He and his group, Black Jaguar-White Tiger, rescue and care for the, er, "large" felines in Mexico. / Via blackjaguarwhitetiger

From babies to fully grown, this foundation is doing great things.

"Today, with the help of devoted friends, Eduardo has rescued tens of felines and counting from a life of terror in circuses, zoos, and breeders. Now that the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation has been formed, his dream is to end all suffering of the beautiful children of existence that we humans have tried to dictate upon them."

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These beautiful animals are finding happiness at Black Jaguar-White Tiger, all thanks to Eduardo and his dedicated team. Shown above is the beloved black jaguar Cielo, spending time with Ana-Tzu. / Via blackjaguarwhitetiger

But they are still lions. As their instagram displays, "A Lion is a Lion is a Lion." Which demonstrates the bravery of those working at Black Jaguar-White Tiger! / Via blackjaguarwhitetiger

Please help this foundation to continue to save these creatures! Check them out at, and follow them on Instagram for more amazing posts!

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