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14 Times Anna Wintour Was A Queen

Pretty much every day for her, tbh.

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1. When she remained composed at this trying time:

2. When she wasn't going to submit to social media pressures:

3. When she slayed us all:

4. The time she knew her opinion and wasn't afraid to express it:

5. She showcased her mastery at poker face:

6. When she gifted us the greatest death-stare known to humanity:

7. She inspired us all with this quote:

8. When she did the Ice Bucket Challenge in sunglasses - and still slayed.

9. The MILLIONS of times she has rocked the most amazing outfits we mere mortals may only dream of:

10. She knows her influence and power:

11. She associates with other queens - e.g. Grace Coddington?

12. She knows Vogue is not a mere fashion magazine:

13. She is always striving towards the best, and inspiring us along the way:

14. She's buddies with Karl Lagerfeld - and he built her a TENNIS COURT.

Stay flawless, Your Majesty 👑

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