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ABH's Subculture Palette Changed Its Formula And The Beauty Community Is Shook!

Reddit sleuths discover that Subculture has different ingredients than Modern Renaissance

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Earlier this year, ABH announced a new palette called Subculture with a totally new set of colors and the Internet rejoiced! / Via

ABH's reveal of the new palette. Oo, crazy new colors like mustard and eggplant! Shiny duo chromes!

That's not all - some super sleuths on Reddit discovered that the formula of Subculture had been completely changed from the awesome Modern Renaissance one.

Imgur / Via

/u/cordis_melum linked to the ingredients of the two palettes and posted that "there are some serious changes in the base shadow formula between the two palettes. Probably the one everyone is going to latch onto is that Subculture shadows are based on talc, whereas MR shadows are based on mica, but it looks like the entire formula got changed between the two palettes. This likely explains why people are having problems with Subculture not blending in as well as MR, as well as some major kickback issues.

Interestingly enough, the ingredients for MR aren't listed on the ABH website. I wonder why."

Even the truthful to a fault makeup reviewer, Temptalia, reviewed the Subculture palette and reported having issues with it!

Temptalia / Via

Her review begins: "I suspect that the palette is going to be a love/hate product in the community as sometimes it can produce really stunning looks and other times, it feels like a lot of work to make the palette come together. I feel the color scheme works cohesively as a concept, but the products themselves were troublesome to get to work together sometimes."

She gives us hope with some tips to work with the difficult shadows

Temptalia / Via

" My best tips for working with this palette are:

Use a lighter touch and less than you think you need, especially for the mid-tone and deeper shades–they are really, really pigmented

Use a smoothing base or primer or a lightly powdered lid/prep routine (damp, tacky, or creamy bases might make it even harder to blend these out)

Be aware that some shades darken once on the lid (try dusting the lid with translucent or flesh-toned powder first)"

ABH's company president, Norvina, took to twitter to respond to the reviews and tbh just stirred the drama pot more...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @norvina1

Really, Norvina? You're the company's president... I can swirl my brushes in Modern Renaissance just fine...

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