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15 People You Inevitably Meet On Airplanes

Thank you for flying with us, we hope you enjoyed your flight.

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The person with way too many carry-ons.


And takes up all the storage space.

The person who keeps having to go to the bathroom.


And they happen to have the window seat too.

The flight attendant who's just waaay too perky.


"Of course you can have another bag of pretzels sweetie! Enjoy your flight!"

And the flight attendant who's just trying to appear happy.

Paramount Pictures / Via

"I'm sorry, we only limit one pretzel bag per passenger. Thanks."

The person who can't stop vomiting.


Even though you're totally grossed out, you can't help but feel sorry for them.

The person who complains over everything.


"This seat is too small, there's not enough leg room, this pillow isn't hypoallergenic."

The person who keeps accidentally buzzing for a flight attendant.


"Sir, for the 11th time this is NOT the volume button for your headphones."

The person on a business trip who has just about every device possible.

Cell phone, laptop, tablet, bluetooth, you name it!

The kid behind you who keeps kicking the seat.


And it takes all your effort to refrain from yelling at them.

The person who sleeps through the entire flight.


And has one of those handy-dandy, U-shaped neck pillows.

The kid who's crying because of an earache.

Universal Studios / Via

And the kid's parent who is about to have a mental breakdown.


"Just two more hours, just two more hours..."

The person who watches movies the entire flight.


The foreigner who doesn't understand anything the flight attendant says.


"Excuse me sir, could you put your seat belt on?"

*smiles and nods but doesn't respond*

And finally, the pilot you don't actually get to see, but you're trusting them with your life.


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