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    11 Cozy Crock Pot Meals To Come Home To After A Long Day Of Work

    Because who wants to have to cook a whole meal when they get home?

    1. Creamy Slow-Cooker Tortellini Soup

    My Favorite Things / Via

    What's better than some tortellini? Tortellini in a cheesy, creamy soup.

    Click here for recipe.

    2. Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

    Chef Mommy / Via

    A twist on a classic chicken soup, this recipe uses Rice-a-Roni wild rice for maximum ease.

    Click here for recipe.

    3. Classic Slow-Cooker Beef Stew

    Iain Bagwell / Via

    Remember to brown the meat in a pan before you toss it in the crock-pot, it'll be worth it. Just like mama used to make.

    Click here for recipe.

    4. Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich

    Food Family Finds / Via

    It doesn't always have to be a soup or stew, you know. This hearty sandwich is perfect for when you're burned out on the same routine.

    Click here for recipe.

    5. Italian Turkey Meatballs

    Skinny Taste / Via

    These low-fat meatballs would go great with some pasta, on a roll with some melty cheese, or by themselves as the star of the meal.

    Click here for recipe.

    6. French Onion Soup

    Favorite Family Recipes / Via

    This recipe is a bit more labor intensive, but it will be well worth it. Maybe even swap out that provolone for some gruyere for a more authentic taste.

    Click here for recipe.

    7. Sweet Tomato Basil Soup

    365 Days of Slow Cooking / Via

    A sweet spin on the beloved classic. Hopefully you have leftovers for lunch the next day!

    Click here for recipe.

    8. Garlic Mashed Potatoes

    Kitchen Treaty / Via

    These potatoes are incredibly easy to make, and just might get you out of a pinch come Thanksgiving. Try them for the holidays, or just, any day.

    Click here for recipe.

    9. Black Bean Soup

    Budget Bytes / Via

    This delicious soup is a breeze to make and won't break the bank!

    Click here for recipe.

    10. Baked Apples

    Skinny Chef / Via

    Can't forget about dessert! What would happen if you served these with some ice cream, I wonder?

    Click here for recipe.

    11. Cranberry-Orange Mulled Wine

    Karen Raye / Via

    Let's be real. Sometimes the drink at the end of the day is more important than the dinner. It might as well be something warm and delicious!

    Click here for recipe.

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