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    Posted on Dec 13, 2012

    Who Are All These Interlopers On "Glee"?

    There are way too many new faces on Glee this season. Should they stay, or should they go now?

    1. Cassandra (Kate Hudson)

    Mike Yarish/FOX

    Cassandra is Rachel's emotionally abusive teacher at NYADA. She's a total mess and sleeps with the boy Rachel likes just 'cause. While Kate Hudson doesn't quite have the star power she once did, her icy demeanor and stellar dance skills bring a lot to the show. We like her. She can stay.

    2. Ryder (Blake Jenner)

    Mike Yarish/FOX

    Ryder joined the glee club after winning The Glee Project. Wait, no, that was Blake Jenner. Whatever -- the character isn't quite there yet, but Blake is ridic cute, and those of us who watched TGP are eager to see him make it. Crossing my fingers that Glee gives him more to do soon.

    3. Marley (Melissa Benoist)

    Mike Yarish/FOX

    In the short time she's been on Glee, Marley has already found herself in a love triangle, suffered from an eating disorder, and ruined the glee club's chances at Nationals. Benoist is talented, which helps a lot. At the same time, Marley has taken a lot of the focus. She can stick around, but maybe dial it back a bit?

    4. Unique (Alex Newell)

    Mike Yarish/FOX

    Technically, Unique isn't new -- she was around for a couple episodes last season. Season 4 has seen her fully integrated into the show, however, and since Newell is such an incredible performer, I'm totally fine with that. Here's hoping Glee can commit to Unique's transgender identity.

    5. Jake (Jacob Artist)

    Mike Yarish/FOX

    Jake is Puck's half-brother, and so far, that's the most interesting thing about him. Again, Artist is good, but there's just not much there. And he has the unfortunate distinction of being related to a character I miss. Ditch Jake. Bring back Noah Puckerman.

    6. Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker)

    Mike Yarish/FOX

    Kurt's editor at Vogue is the kind of dream boss that only exists in musical comedy. Seriously, nothing about this storyline makes sense. But SJP is giving it her all, and since her "Let's Have a Kiki" wasn't nearly as terrible as it could have been, we'll give her a pass.

    7. Kitty (Becca Tobin)

    Adam Rose/FOX

    No. Just no. Kitty is supposed to be the new Quinn, without any of the sympathy. Until she gets her comeuppance and learns the error of her ways, I'm not really interested in seeing her get so much screentime. Sorry 'bout it. Also, boo to her overly literal superhero costume.

    8. Brody (Dean Geyer)

    Jordin Althaus/FOX

    He's semi-wooing Rachel at NYADA. ...I'm sorry, what was the question?