What's It's Like To Date A "Jurassic Park" Dinosaur

You'll never really know, but this is the next best thing. "Jurassic Heart" is a dating sim that explores the love between a girl and her Tyrannosaurus rex classmate.

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If you've never played a dating sim, you're missing out. These are simple text-based games in which you make a series of choices with different results — think Choose Your Own Adventure with anime style. "Jurassic Heart" is a fairly straightforward entry into the genre ... except that the object of your affection is a T. Rex named Taira-kun.

The story begins with you in your bedroom.

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Your first date with Taira-kun is to buy a ukulele. We'll get into why later. For now, just accept that this is a reasonable outing for you and your dinosaur crush.

And it leads to your next choice.

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Taira-kun feels bad about you paying for the ukulele and wants to get it on his own. I suggested we split it, because that's the sensible thing to do, and I'm really good at dating.

I think we're flirting.

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If you suggest splitting the ukulele, you go on to say you can share it. But because you can't play the ukulele, you'll have to sing. Cuuute. If I were making this into a movie, I'd cast Zooey Deschanel in both roles.

Play "Jurassic Heart" here.

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