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    Posted on Mar 28, 2013

    What Your College Dorm Posters Said About You

    And you thought you were being so original.

    You took an art history class.

    You took two art history classes.

    You took an art history class, or you were really into acid.

    Yeah, definitely acid.

    You were smart, but you weren't afraid to have fun.

    You were into good music, but also shirtless guys.

    You were into good music, but also women's butts.

    You were totally pro-gay rights, or at least pro-hot girls making out.

    You took a film studies class.

    You thought about taking a film studies class.

    You weren't getting laid. But hey, maybe some day.

    You wished you were classier.

    Or more of a partier.

    Or better at sex.

    You took a women's studies class.

    You were a total badass. In your head.

    You were the one people went to for weed.

    You drank too much.

    Like, way too much.

    And you got really sloppy.

    Sorry, but you were seriously kind of gross.

    You took a French class.

    You were so much deeper than anyone gave you credit for.

    But mostly you were just really, really high.

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