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18 Ways "Drop Dead Gorgeous" Makes Me Proud To Be An American

Can I list them all? Amer-I can!

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1. It makes patriotism sexy.

2. And exciting!

3. It reminds us who our role models should be.

4. It shows how to coordinate patriotic outfits for maximum effect.

5. It underlines the importance of knowing geography.

6. And struggles with the right to bear arms.

7. It celebrates American innovation.

8. And the education system.

9. It promotes a good relationship with Jesus.

10. It stresses the importance of family.

11. And staying active.

12. It appreciates Lady Liberty.

13. It teaches proper English.

14. It embraces the country's endless diversity.

15. And also encourages stronger race relations.

16. It has fireworks.

17. In the end, it's all about finding your own American pride...

18. ...even if you don't quite get it.