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    12 Unanswered Questions From "The Fosters" Midseason Finale

    The Fosters ended the first half of its season with a beautiful wedding — and a whole mess of cliff-hangers. Here's what we're wondering. (Spoilers ahead, obviously).

    1. When will Callie come back?

    2. Are Stef and Lena still going to adopt Callie and Jude?

    3. Will Jude tell his foster family that he saw Brandon and Callie kissing?

    4. When will Talya and Brandon break up again?

    5. Is Mike going to get fired for shooting an unarmed man?

    6. Can Callie and Brandon ever be just brother and sister?

    7. Will Brandon ever have enough pain to play the piano well?

    8. Will Ana ever get sober?

    9. Is Lexi going to find a way back to San Diego?

    10. Will Liam ever face justice for raping Callie?

    11. Will Stef's father ever come around?

    12. Didn't Mariana think "Same Love" was a little too on the nose?